My name is Rory. I am very exciteable and extremely easily pleased.

I find it hard to get angry or express displeasure.

This is why i have set myself a challenge. 

The challenge is to swear at various things i don’t like.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. fought u might like this for ur site 😛

    from TOE in glasgow

  2. flipstuffoff Says:

    thanks very much pal!

  3. Hello Rory. Stop by my bloggie and flip us off.
    Oh hell, we’re good people….just stop and say howdy.

  4. Hey Rory!
    A friend of yours turned me onto your site today. Rich Fulcher is running a contest right now for his new book Tiny Acts of Rebellion where he’s asking people to send in their photos of themselves flipping things off. He recently did a major flip off of Big Ben in London. I’ve posted your site on his site http://www.tinyactsofrebellion.com and you can find it on the home page. Nice site! Let’s continue sticking it to the man… in tiny, tiny ways.

  5. Hi Rory,

    Its been a while since we saw you and Louise at Mother, what are you guys up to at the moment? Be great to hear from you and if your interested maybe spend some time at Mother.

    Hope to hear from you, sorry about messaging your….i couldnt find your email address.


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