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I guess I'll have to cancel my booked holiday to the Vatican.



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This Douchebag stole my joke!

And the worst thing about it is that his site looks all nice and professional!


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I’m getting a reputation for being a weirdo who takes pictures of people I don’t know kissing.

And despite this photo:

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having said that, it would be criminal if these photos I found on my phone (of which i have no recollection of taking) didn’t end up posted. So here they are:

WHOOPS! How’d that one get in there!


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Went to the lake district on the weekend….

What a load of bollocks.

Had to walk for 4 hours to see this 😦

Also…wtf is with this dog? The kennel’s for going inside not standing on top of:

Get off you twat.


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So i had a quick go on chatroulette. Coincidentally everyone I chatted to flipped me off (nothing to do with me).

This one's my fave.