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Massive Dogs

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I thought this one was rather large…

But then I saw this one which was even more bloody massive…

And then these dogs got me thinking…why can’t I just sit down all day waiting for people to come up and admire me and stroke me? WHY???



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Although the thing is I actually love platform magazine.

They interviewed me ages ago and it was really fun, but i never put the link up. So here it is:


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I don't have a problem with what's written on his van. I'm just worried that he gets bullied by the other White Van men 😦


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First they rape and pillage our villages. Then they give us Alphabeat. And now they set up a 'Nordic Bar' with uncomfy seats and a terrible selection of Lager. When will you stop causing us pain and suffering Scandinavia?

Couples Kissing

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Jealous, grossed out, or turned on? Thinking back... I was probably all three.

But one can never be sure…so I took a bunch more photos.

So just to clarify…I was feeling jealous, grossed out and turned on.

All jokes aside…if you are one of these two people, or you know one or both of them, I really want to know…

How did you not bloody notice someone taking about 30 photos of you? (i edited my ones down)

A new dawn in Flipping off…the beast awakens

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2010 by flipstuffoff

It’s been a long time. A very long time indeed.

Let me tell you a story…

So there I was, looking through photos of myself on facebook. And I found these:

(I'm at the far left of the shot)

And I suddenly realised, that during this time off, I had been living a lie. Flipping off was in my blood. That part of me was being left to die.

Plus the other hand gestures I was trying out just weren’t working for me:

So i’ve quit my job (it was shit anyway) and the blog is back. Expect it to be sicker than before.

Also if it’s your thing you can follow me on twitter, username: flipstuffoff