My name is Rory. I am very exciteable and extremely easily pleased.

I find it hard to get angry or express displeasure.

This is why i have set myself a challenge. 

The challenge is to swear at various things i don’t like.


30 Responses to “HELLO”

  1. elizabeth Says:


    please can you flip off celebrities.

  2. haha i love this, dont flipmeoff for it, or do, u know, whatever 🙂

  3. flipstuffoff Says:

    aw that’s nice. Well, thanks for checking it out!

  4. I think there is a niche in the market for some sort of flip-off-mexican-wave-type affair, we can turn the world against each other in one circular motion with a simple finger lift.

  5. Andrew Jameson Says:

    What are you, six? You need to get out more……….

  6. Bagg O'Spanners Says:

    I hate to be pedantic but you’ve split an infinitive. It should be “flip off stuff” not “flip stuff off”, therefore this whole blog is based upon incorrect grammar.

    Still, what do I know, my name’s Bagg O’Spanners

  7. Sir Authur Connan Boil Says:

    You Sir are fucking hilarious. And yes, I do reside in the US of A now.

    So please flipstuffoff to a map of America.

    PS: Why the hell would anyone name their country after a continent?

  8. Brilliant! I needed a laugh today. I think I’m gonna start flipping stuff off as a stress reducer.

  9. FRO-OR-FTL Says:

    mate, your a leg-end!!!!

    please also pass on the new phrase Follow Thru Laughter or FTL

    there is a facebook page somewhere i think.

    also get ur flip offs on facebook think lots of my friends will have loads!

    i once flipped off a dalek but my camera broke and i lost the pic, bad times!!

    also found ur site off of a celebs twitter page – Matt Horne – good on him!!!

  10. PeterfromCAnada Says:

    I found this totally pointless and hilarious. I love your sense of humour man. You seem like you’d be a fun guy to go out for beers with. In a totally non romantic way.

    Keep up the fine work. Please flip off some Canadian or Sri-Lankan stuff for me. I am a Sri-lankan in Canada so either works…..

  11. Alice Bum Says:

    Rory, this is amazing. and i love that you have your own fan club now. i want to think of something funny to say but I think I would just look stupid seeing as how bloody hilarious you are. x x

  12. Cryssy O. Says:

    Bahahahaha!! LOVES IT! I will definitely be following this blog! Fantastic!

    p.s. Could you please flip off some exotic fruit? I’ve never cared for guava.

  13. Stinky's Mom Says:

    This is fantastic, and it made my day. I dont know what else to say. Except more people need to know about this website.

  14. Aimee Mattingly Says:

    Dude, you are a funny motherfucker. I’m American (Dallas, Texas), so I don’t use words like mate or bloody or canteen or bollocks in everyday conversation, but somehow it just made the whole site funnier. The narrator in my head gave you a sort of more-mature Daniel Radcliffe accent as I was reading your comments. Don’t be offended, though, to being compared to Harry Potter-you’re better looking. BTW, and I am just really curious and not at all smart-assy about this: what is a bollocks, anyway? Well, peace, love your site.

  15. I’m kind of in love with you now.

  16. Thank you!!! you safed my day!

  17. You my friend, are a genius. Keep up the good work!

  18. Hatty Bennett Says:

    most jokes eva!

    you seem like you’d be a cool guy to flip-off with

  19. Absolutely superb. Highlight of my day, having gone through anger management I think I can get something of myself back by taking your lead and flipping stuff off. I may start with my girlfriend……….

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